Will Minimalist Decor Help to Sell Your Home?

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When selling homes, there is a huge range of advice and opinions that can often divide people and ignite discussion. Chelmsford estate agents and those based in your local area will be able to offer initial advice regarding home decor. However, if you need some additional tips about minimalist decor and whether it is the route for you, then take a look below.

Reasons to paint your walls white and embrace minimal home decor

It is often easier for potential buyers to visualise themselves living in your property, if the walls and decor are modern and minimalist. By painting the walls white, or in a light colour you are offering up a completely blank canvas for buyers to imagine their own belongings fitting into. This also allows them to think about putting their own stamp on the property and choosing a colour scheme that works for them.

White walls can open up spaces and make them feel bigger and more spacious than they actually are. By limiting the amount of cumbersome furniture, you have on display, you are further creating that illusion of space. A clean and crisp look can help even the most basic of properties look modern and appealing.

Which properties should avoid the minimalist home look?

Not every property will benefit from white walls and minimalist design. It is important to consider who your potential home buyer might be, and the type of property that you are trying to sell. For example, a cosy cottage in the countryside would likely see no benefit from being painted completely white or in neutral colours. It is likely that warm, soft, cosy and inviting colours would be more suitable. Textures also play a big part in making your home feel warm and inviting to potential buyers. Countryside manors, cottages and character properties would likely look more impressive with sumptuous fabric, thick carpets and fluffy cushions.

Is it worth staging a minimalist home?

If you decide to go down the minimalist route, but don’t have the style of furniture that you require to ‘dress’ the property, you could consider renting some from a staging company or borrowing pieces from friends and family. This is an optional extra to be considered only if it comes within your budget and doesn’t eat into your potential profits.

Where to shop for minimalist decor on a budget in the UK?

Many online shops and high-street stores have finally realised just how popular modern and minimalist home decor actually is. You can currently find a good selection of stylish pieces at affordable prices in high-street stores such as BnM. These range from ceramics to soft furnishings and faux floral displays.

Don’t forget that if your budget is tight and you don’t want to invest much money, charity shops and second-hand shops also offer some fantastic bargains. You can expect to find glassware, furniture pieces that can be sanded and painted, plain white crockery and more. It is always worth keeping your eyes peeled as one man’s trash is another man’s treasure after all!

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