Importance of the Role of Deed Poll in Middle Name Changes

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Application for change in middle name is the most sought-after name change service submitted to the UK Deed Poll Office. What possibly encourages more and more people to opt for middle name changes is that its procedure doesn’t involve complex formalities. Adding, excluding or changing a middle name is actually simple and convenient. Just apply for a deed poll with us and rest assured, you’ll be entitled to use your desired middle name formally very soon.

What is a Deed Poll and how does it expedite validation of middle name change?

At the outset, it is necessary to understand the actual meaning of the term deed poll. Well, a deed poll is an important official procedure one needs to carry out for Changing your Middle Name in the UK. Since there is no specific and dedicated government office in the country designated to change one’s name (middle name included) officially, one has to get a deed poll to do the needful. A deed poll officiates as a legal document that authenticates your new middle name and also allows you to make changes to your official documents officially.

A deed poll thus functions as an official proof of your new middle name. It also mentions the date from which you become eligible to use your new name. You can then go ahead and get changes made to your official documents formally.

Advantages of Opting for a Deed Poll

Opting for a deed poll to change your middle name saves you the time, effort and of course, huge sums of money to hire lawyers. Besides, opting for a deed poll ensures you don’t have to visit the court either.

Besides, the procedure for getting your middle name deed poll is very simple and convenient. You receive the deed poll and the necessary document via first class post. The rest of the things are taken care of by the UK Deed Poll Office.

Way Ahead…

Upon receipt of your middle name change deed poll, you’d just need to proceed with getting changes made to your official documents. It will be the final step that will take you to your goal of using the new middle name formally and legally.

Same goes for dropping the middle name in case you want that. You’ll have to apply for removal of a middle name as well as you won’t be able to make a change to your official name without relevant documents. Any kind of change to your middle name requires a deed poll.

Please note that all your documents need to be changed if you want your newly acquired middle name to be accepted as your legal name. Having a deed poll will not be enough to have a new name legally recognised. While there’s no urgency to get all your legal documents changed to validate your new middle name, things depend upon the future course of action for you. For instance, if you need to move overseas, you’ll have to be prompt at changing all your documents including passport, driving license and others. That’s because, for migration, all your legal documents must show the same legal name.

Procedure for Changing Your Middle Name

It is easy to get your middle name changed if you live in the UK. Please note having a deed poll regarding the change in your middle name is mandatory to be considered legal. Making changes to your middle name is not considered a major change for your legal name. Therefore, you can go on using your documents without your middle name as you did before.

Even though a deed poll may be needed to change your middle name the process itself will not stand finalised merely with issuing a deed poll. In fact, it’s just the initial stage of the entire process. Therefore, there’s no need to get a new passport instantly since you can add your middle name while renewing your passport.

How to Get Your Middle Name Added?

You are allowed to add more than one middle name to your name. However, the HM Passport Office cannot print more than 30 characters as your first name. That includes your middle name/s as well, therefore it’s something you need to give a good thought to. Besides, the HM Passport Office can print not more than 30 characters for your surname as well. Therefore, in case your new first name and/or middle names go beyond this limit, you’ll have to request for an abbreviated form to be used in the main part of your new passport, and the full name on the observations page.

Dropping Your Middle Name

You can use the deed poll you newly receive to change your documents and add your new middle name/ names officially. It is advisable to choose a new middle name wisely, so you don’t encounter any inconvenience. A name that is controversial, raises forbidden concepts or sounds offensive will only bring trouble your way.

Still, if it does happen or for some reason you do not wish to go ahead with your new middle name, you’ll need to carry out the procedure to drop the middle name. A deed poll is needed to make the necessary change to your middle name as well. Once you get your deed poll for the same, you can drop the middle name from your documents and use just your first and last name officially.

How long does it take to get the middle name changed officially? 

To speed up the procedure for a middle name change, you’ll need to apply for the concerned deed poll before 3.00 p.m. on a working day (from Monday to Friday). If you manage to do it, you will get the deed poll document and related certified copies within two business days through First Class Post.

When you get your new deed poll delivered, you’ll have to get your witness to be physically present to sign the new deed poll.

Next, you’d need to make a list of all the institutions and authorised documents where you have to update your new middle name and proceed promptly but not with unnecessary haste.

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