How To Keep Your Manufacturing Equipment Running

atr-gBX5y | 11/10/2021 | 0 | Business

Your manufacturing plant must keep operating to be successful. The machinery in your plant ensures that your products are made and shipped when your customers need them. However, when equipment breaks down, you are challenged to get orders out at the right time and risk having dissatisfied clients. Here are a few ways to keep your equipment functioning.

Set Up a Maintenance Schedule

Most of your machinery can operate with little interruption. However, greasing and lubricating the gears and belts within the equipment will increase their lifespan and prevent any disruption. Set up a schedule to perform industrial maintenance Orlando FL  on each machine every month. Inform employees who work on these machines that they will be shut down for a certain amount of time. You should assign the workers tasks elsewhere or, if they are qualified, they can assist. Be as thorough as possible while quickly completing the assignment within the allotted time period.

Keep the Plant Floor Clean

When there is litter, excessive dirt, and debris in your work area, it can get into your machinery and clog it. This debris can shut down your product lines and make it difficult to fulfill your orders. Talk with your employees and ask that they keep their workstations clean. Require that food products be kept in the break room and beverages are sealed. Purchase extra trash cans and distribute them among the equipment.

Instruct Your Staff

As new employees come into your company, teach them how to operate the machinery correctly. You should also set up refresher courses for staff members who have been with you for several years. Instruct everyone on the proper procedures to clean the equipment, make it function and shut it down when it is time to close. The more knowledge that these individuals possess on the device they are working on, the less likely the equipment will malfunction and cause an issue.

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