How to Choose? A Mining Equipment Buyers’ Guide

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Choosing what a mine site needs can be a challenge, as there are several different factors to take into account. Have you considered the budget and the operating costs? What role the new equipment will have for future mining projects and operations? How about the equipment suppliers, do they offer warranty service, or do they install it on-site for you? These are among the many things to consider when looking for mining equipment providers. This article will go through some things to think about and consider before making a purchase.

Before you begin:

Assess the needs of the mine site

So, before you get anywhere it’s important to know what a mine site needs. There is no point in upgrading equipment that is still reliable, efficient and getting the job done. If you’re a site manager or even the owner of the company, it may be up to you to choose whether or not to get new equipment. Before you get there though, it’s important to not only assess what profits are potentially gained from a set of new equipment but to talk to the employees and get feedback on what they believe the company needs. Open communication between the different departments of the mines will allow you to better assess what’s important for the good of the company as a whole.

Get measurements

It’s an obvious one, we know. But it’s essential to get measurements of where you want to install a new machine plant. Some equipment is larger and some smaller; it would be highly embarrassing and a waste of time and money purchasing equipment that won’t fit into place in the allocated position.

Should you buy or hire?

Think about the job or project that needs to be done; is it more financially viable to purchase new equipment or to hire equipment? There are many things to take into account when considering hiring or purchasing, such as budget, usage, and reliability. Hiring equipment may come with the uncertainty of it being used previously, and you’re relying on the company you hire from to have the equipment up to date with services and repairs. But on the other hand, if you’re purchasing new equipment, you need the guarantee that it is reliable and cost-effective to maintain it in-house. There isn’t a definite answer as to which is better, it just depends on the needs of the company.

Use quality suppliers

Whether you are hiring or purchasing new equipment, it’s important to know you’re using quality suppliers and services. Some services may have a great deal on some equipment but may not provide installation services or very good warranty solutions. So, going for the cheapest option typically isn’t the best idea. Keeping in mind your budget though and explore the options as widely as you can. Some companies may provide the same equipment, but with different levels of services. It’s best to use a reputable supplier, which others have said is quality, so you have the assurance you’re getting quality services and equipment. There are some great Australian mining equipment suppliers, out there, it’s just a matter of finding them.

Prioritise safety

It’s paramount to take into account the safety features of the equipment, not only for keeping to safety regulations but also to prioritise the safety of workers. Safety regulations are in place for a reason, especially in an environment like a mine site. Risk is always a factor for workers, so if you have equipment that has great safety features then you’ll be ensuring everyone will get home safely.

Think about efficiency

Now it’s time to have an understanding of the work the equipment will do. Equipment that can get work done at an efficient rate is highly valuable to a mining company. New technologies and systems are being developed to provide miners with new and innovative ways to get work done efficiently, safely and in a cost-effective way. No doubt a mining company would want highly profitable equipment, but remember to keep in mind its safety, and reliability.

Product reliability

Speaking of reliability, having equipment breakdowns can be catastrophic to a mine. If one line of production stops, then in some cases everything else can stop, wasting a lot of money in the process. So, when you’re purchasing equipment make sure it’s a model that has been tried and tested extensively, either by other companies or manufacturers, so work won’t be put on standby whilst an unexpected breakdown happens.

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