Acticsim Has Developed the Best Customer Retention Tools in 2021

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In today’s fierce marketing environment, customer retention has become more important than ever – not only to have customers keep doing business with you, but also to keep a reputation as an excellent and trustworthy service provider. That’s why when we heard of Acticsim’s new software, we knew we had to check it out for ourselves. Bottom line: Our impression from the features and tools it grants is very positive. Read on to understand why.

CRM in 2021

The field of customer relationship management (CRM) had changed substantially over 2020, mainly because of the pandemic. Interactions with clients made a shift to the virtual sphere, and it seems like there’s no turning back. That’s why it is important for businesses to manage their communication with the clients in the same manner.

The advantages of using software to improve CRM are clear. Traditional methods cannot provide the same level of speed, security and data storage. However, with the advancement of technology also came a wide variety of different platforms for that purpose, not all of them adequate enough to meet standards and provide proper CRM.

Do CRM the right way

Data released by Acticsim, surveying businesses using the company’s software, shows that satisfaction rates are high. We didn’t settle for that, though, and we tested the software ourselves. The basic principle here is using technology to organize relations with clients in masses, pull out client cases quickly upon demand, and monitor complaint handling processes.

The infrastructure is very easy to work with, not leaving any room for confusion. This is important since a majority of customer relations and satisfaction employees are not tech savvy. However, the main feature which should be mentioned is the ability to contact customers, via phone and email, with a one-click method – a feature not offered by other CRM software providers. According to Acticsim, it has developed integration with over 50 telephony providers for that cause.


It is clear that this software is a result of a rethinking of the whole concept of CRM and rebuilding it to be relevant in 2021. Studies show that customer retention yields higher profits than new customer acquisition, with the same efforts invested. It is our estimate that Acticsim is on its way to becoming a top brand in the field, based on the positive feedback on its software and our own experience with it.

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