Art & Copy

Title: Art & Copy
Year: 2009
Director: Doug Pray
Genre: Documentary
Stars: Mary Wells, Dan Wieden and Hal Riney
Review by: Raghav





Meet the real Mad Men. Art & Copy is a documentary that looks at the world of advertising and the men and women that dominate it. Interviewing advertising greats, the documentary is a great look into the zeitgeist of different eras and also simultaneously a look at the morality of advertisements and their impact on the world.

Art & Copy uses specific advertising campaigns to demonstrate the workings of this multi-billion dollar industry. Some of the most iconic campaigns such as Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Got Milk?, and I Love NY are featured with great stories by the people behind them on how each advert came about.

Doug Pray does a brilliant job of making the documentary interesting and informative. The advertising statistics displayed throughout are astonishing, the people interviewed are colourful, and the direction is smooth. Art & Copy starts and ends with the billboard installers and how they form the final link between the consumer and the advertiser. Therein lies the beauty of the documentary as it covers all aspects of advertising from the concept stage to the final execution be it print or TV media.

Art & Copy is a wonderful and entertaining look at advertising. In this day and age we are being bombarded with advertisements anywhere and everywhere. What the documentary does is make us think about the inspiration and motivation that goes behind each of these advertisements.


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