Back To The Future

Title: Back To The Future
Year: 1985
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Genre: Action/Sci-Fi
Stars: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson

 Watching Back to the Future these days is a pleasure amongst some of the poor Action/Sci-Fi films that get released and it still manages to stand out as the best of its kind.


Back in 1985 Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg decided to make a film on time travel, but little did they know just how popular it was to become. Even now decades on Back to the Future still features on many peoples top 10 movies of all time lists (as it does with me) and it is just as good now as it was when released.

Micheal J. Fox takes the lead role of Marty McFly, who is a typical American teenager of the Eighties, meaning he loves playing rock/punk music, he gets around on a skateboard and has a Sony Walkman (very 80′s). Marty is friends with an eccentric scientist Doc Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd) who creates a time machine out of a DeLorean funded by ripping of a bunch Libyan nationalists who employed him to build a bomb. The time machines first test is interrupted by the Libyans angry at Doc for not giving them there bomb and it ends up with Marty accidentally being sent back in time to 1955. Marty now stuck in 1955 needs the help of Doc (the doc from back in 1955 that is, don’t get confused now) to help get him back to the future. Along the way Marty also needs to make sure his parents destiny doesn’t get effected by his presence to make sure he is actually born and alive in 1985.

back to the future 1

Although the storyline written by both Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale sounds like it could be hard to follow it is written so well you never feel lost or confused with what is going on, which allows the amazing cast produce a real classic movie, which boasts humor from both the great Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd who play there best ever roles in this move as well as having the coolest time machine you could ever dream up in the DeLorean. Strange as it may seem Michael J. Fox nearly wasn’t in the role of Marty as he was actually already busy filming on another project when asked by Zemeckis to take the role so had to decline. This opened the door for Eric Stoltz to take the role and in fact Zemickis even filmed four weeks worth of the film with Stoltz in the role before realising that it wasn’t quite working. By this time Fox was available and the shoot started again with Fox as Marty. Imagine Back to the Future with out Michael J. Fox, it just wouldn’t be the same, well done Mr. Zemeckis.

Thomas F. Wilson who plays Biff also deserves a mention as he plays the perfect bully with a comedic twist that will have you laughing at him as well as wanting him to fail whilst he is striving to put a stop to Martys Mum and Dad getting together, which helps add another dimension to the film.

The concept of time travel could have easily been produced poorly in a film but Back to the Future gets it spot on. They could have easily sent Marty back to a time that no one could familiarise themselves with such as the 18th century but they kept it close to home by sending Marty back to 1955 where he could have the prospect of bumping into a younger Doc all the more believable. This storyline manages to really get you thinking of the “space time continuum” and what would happen if you had the power to go back in time and change the way you lived your life.

back to the future 2

The sets and props used for the film are brilliant and the switch between the 80′s and 50′s is impeccable. It is fascinating to see a set in the 80′s then instantly see the same place transformed into the look of the 50′s. The DeLorean is also a work of art and is utterly believable as a time machine. It has now become iconicly associated with the movie and when ever you are lucky enough to see a DeLorean you instantly think of Back to the Future.

Back to the Future is a completely enjoyable film for all age groups, and watching it never fails to bring a smile to all faces of the new generation of kids as well as adults and is the perfect family adventure movie. Watching Back to the Future these days is a pleasure amongst some of the poor Action/Sci-Fi films that get released and it still manages to stand out as the best of its kind, even after all this time. Although you know the plot and next movement of the film, you will never stop watching as it is just totally engrossing and will always get you to sit down and watch the movie start to finish.


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