Top 10: Longest Time at Number 1 in the Box Office

It is quite an achievement to hit the number one spot in the box office, particularly nowadays with so many big blockbusting summer movies hitting the screens. So what does it take to remain consistently at that number one spot for a sustained period? Well have a look at this top 10, these  movies that have spent the longest in the top spot, so they must have been doing something right.

E.T1. E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial
Total Weeks:

Although it wasn’t in consecutive weeks this is the film that reigns supreme as the film who has been at the number 1 spot the most amount of time (weeks). A Spielberg classic.


Titanic2. Titanic
Total Weeks: 15

The one we all thought would be number one, the epic tale of Titanic which has taken the most money of all time in the box office is actually only at number 2 in this chart.


Beverly Hills Cop3. Beverly Hills Cop
Total Weeks: 14

Amazingly Beverly Hills cop managed an amazing 14 weeks at number 1 back in 1984. This was actually the highest grossing R rated comedy until The Hangover took the number one spot last year.


Tootsie3. Tootsie
Total Weeks: 14

A massive surprise to me and I’m sure a lot of you. I have never seen Tootsie but seeing as it is level pegging with Beverly Hills Cop at 3 in this chart it’s obviously a kick up the bum to do so.


Home Alone5. Home Alone
Total Weeks: 12

One of my favorites takes a deserved spot in this top 10, by standing strong for 12 weeks at number one back in 1990.


Back to The future6. Back to the Future
Total Weeks: 11

Marty and the Doc are in at number 6 with 11 weeks at the number 1 spot in 1985. The second appearance from Spielberg in this top 10.


Ghostbusters7. Ghostbusters
Total Weeks: 10

It’s number 7 for the Ghostbusters with 10 weeks at number 1. It will be interesting to see if the soon to be released Ghostbusters 3 can emulate this classic’s box office form.


Corcodile Dundee8. Crocodile Dundee
Total Weeks: 9

Another surprise for me in at joint 8th. Its Crocodile Dundee from 1986, with Paul Hogan as the aussie croc wrestler.


Good Morning, Vietnam8. Good Morning, Vietnam
Total Weeks: 9

Also in at number 8 with 9 weeks at number 9 it’s 1987′s Good Morning Vietnam. Another movie in the top 10 that I have yet to see. Star’s Robin Williams.


Avatar8. Avatar
Total Weeks: 9

The biggest selling movie of all time. A real visual treat and the originator of 3D.



Fatal Attraction10.  Fatal Attraction
Total Weeks: 8

In at joint 10thit’s Fatal Attraction with Michael Dougless, which was massively popular when released in 1987.


Porky's10.  Porky’s
Total Weeks: 8

Finally level pegging with Fatal Attraction on 8 weeks at number 1 is Porky’s, which is actually the highest grossing Canadian-produced film of all time.


As I said there is a few surprises to me in there, and a few films I expected to see in there which didnt feature but there we have our top 10. Avatar needs to hold on to the top spot for a few more weeks to make it on to this list. Keep posted to see if it manages to sneak on to the list.