Paranormal Activity 2 v Saw VII

This October we can expect another horror franchise clash, by both Paranormal Activity 2 and Saw VII (7… yes 7!!) being release in time for Halloween this year.

The interesting news on this though lies with Saw VI director Kevin Greutert. As we know Paranormal Activity smashed Saw VI in the box office last year and Greutert has seen this as an opportunity to get into another horror franchise by jumping ship from the Saw franchise and signing up to direct Paranormal Activity 2.


Personally I think releasing a second installment of Paranormal Activity will be a step too far, but as they have seen over the years with the Saw franchise releasing a horror film over the Halloween period with a bit of a reputation can make big money (The Saw franchise has taken $731,514,043 worldwide so far).

As for Saw I think we will keep getting these films every Halloween, which isn’t a bad thing as it gives you something scary to go see over Halloween every year, even if some of the sequels have been very poor, you still get some blood and gore.

I will be very interested to see which will be more popular this year but I just have that bad feeling that Paranormal 2 will be as poor as some of the Saw sequels. Let me know your thoughts.